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Loans for farmers – those who want to grow their small farm, who want to be competitive or who are just starting out. Short-term loans of up to 1-12 months and long-term loans of up to 5 years are provided to farmers.

These financial solutions provide a great opportunity to purchase additional farmland, machinery, equipment, building materials, fertilizers, seed, fuel or other farm essentials. We understand that additional obligations only increase costs, so loans to farmers are provided without pledging fixed assets.

Fair conditions for farmers

Fair conditions for farmers

  • Low and fixed interest rate. Interest of just 2% per month, as determined at the time of application evaluation, for each individual farmer.
  • Loan amount from 500 to 3000 USD. We pay the loan amount according to your request in cash or by bank transfer to your account.
  • Flexible repayment period. Loan repayment period from 1 month to 5 years with the option of early repayment or extension.
  • The loan is extremely fast. We usually respond within 1 business day of receiving your application, and within 1-2 business days we grant the loan itself.
  • There are no additional or upfront fees.
  • No overpayment. Regardless of the amount of the loan, farmers can repay the loan at an early stage without additional charges, interest or penalties.
  • We guarantee the security of your data and guarantee the confidentiality.
  • We work all over Lithuania. Loans to farmers are provided throughout Lithuania, regardless of place of residence.
  • Result orientation. We will help you find the most appropriate and effective solutions to your problem. We work to make your ideas a reality.

How to Get a Loan for a Farmer

How to Get a Loan for a Farmer


  1. Click “FILL IN APPLICATION” and fill in all required fields.
  2. You attach the requested documents to the loan application and click “Apply”.
  3. If necessary, you answer some additional questions that are needed for the evaluation.
  4. You sign a loan agreement.


    1. After receiving your loan application, we appreciate the opportunity to lend a farm loan.
    2. We verify the information in the documents you send us.
    3. We are sending you an offer.
    4. After the contract is signed, we pay the loan amount.
    5. We are monitoring the refund process.

If you need a loan for agriculture, please complete the loan application form.

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Banks not looking at the credit rating – the loan is issued /banks-not-looking-at-the-credit-rating-the-loan-is-issued/ /banks-not-looking-at-the-credit-rating-the-loan-is-issued/#respond Sat, 04 Apr 2020 08:03:16 +0000

There are many types of loans provided by banks and offered to customers with different names. Regardless of the name, regardless of its intended use; these are all consumer loans. In case of requesting credit, the most important factor; your financial background.

What is meant by the financial past; whether the person has had any problems with the repayments of the credit and credit cards that he has used up to date and whether he has been pursuing legal proceedings due to his debts.

Financial transactions made from past to present are; It is expressed in a more summarized and understandable manner with a credit score.

Credit Rating Steps and Risk Ratios

Credit Rating Steps and Risk Ratios

Banks examine the credit rating to review the applicant’s risk status when reviewing their loan use requests. This note; consists of certain categories in the form of less risky and riskier;

  • 0 – 799 Very risky customer category
  • 800 – 1299 Medium risk customer category
  • 1300 – 1499 Low-risk customer category
  • 1500 – 1699 Good customer category
  • 1700 – 1900 Very good customer category

According to these categories, loan applications are concluded as positive or negative. These notes are also indicators indicating the risk that banks will repay the loan or not. Therefore; There should be no situation or perception like banks not looking at the credit rating.

Credit Note may Be Learned From?


While credit ratings can only be queried by banks and financial institutions in previous periods, today, individuals or organizations have their own credit ratings and more detailed financial reports if they wish; they can learn from Good Finance against the service fee. Good Finance is a service offered by the Credit Registration Bureau.

Can Low Credit Rating Be Upgraded?


It is possible to increase the low credit rating over time. But first of all; If there is any old credit or credit card debt, it must be paid. If necessary, restructuring of old debt may be requested. Therefore, applying to the bank and creating a new payment plan according to the current conditions generally yield positive results. This is also; It is a refreshing and positive step with the bank or banks worked. After the old cleaning is done, the steps to be taken to increase the credit rating;

  • Keeping money in the bank account and increasing it over time,
  • There is no delay in the use of credit cards of the bank and reimbursement,
  • Giving regular payment orders for regular invoices,
  • The Bank’s; Utilization of other services or products other than credit or credit card will cause the credit rating to increase for a while. When this stage is reached, loan applications can be approved more easily and smoothly.

Banks Not Looking At The Credit Rating


Customers with low credit scores are a risky group for banks and cannot easily respond to loan applications easily. But it is not completely impossible either. According to the situation and re-evaluations; banks that lend a low-risk credit rating, or banks that lend 800 points. However, the bank may make additional requests for this, making the approval conditions more difficult.

Banks Approving Low Credit Rating

Banks Approving Low Credit Rating

In loan applications of those in the low or risky group, in order to minimize the risk for the bank; may change the loan terms and request additional guarantees. These can be listed briefly as follows;

  • Real estate or securities collateral and mortgages may be requested from those requesting loans.
  • It may be requested to show a proven guarantor that the income or financial situation of the loan is good.
  • Approval can be given for some of the loan amount requested instead of the whole amount.
  • Credit term, that is, the payback period; can be kept shorter than requested.
  • Changes can be made to the loan interest rate.

The discretion of examining, approving or not approving the credit requests of the persons in the risky group may vary according to the banks. Therefore; It is impossible to give an exact answer to the question of which banks are lending to the bank with a bad credit record.

However, as it is known, taking credit; It can also be made from other financial institutions other than banks. But in general, the credit given by such financial institutions may have a purpose or condition of use; such as car loan, home loan, store spending loan.

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7 tips against overindebtedness – so you stay solvent! /7-tips-against-overindebtedness-so-you-stay-solvent/ /7-tips-against-overindebtedness-so-you-stay-solvent/#respond Fri, 27 Mar 2020 07:41:05 +0000

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the phenomenon of over-indebtedness, because this will help you deal with Sandy Thompson responsibly and thus plan better financially. If you are privately over-indebted, you are completely insolvent. It is essential to avoid this.

Here we give you 7 tips against the impending over-indebtedness and show you what you can pay attention to to avoid falling into the debt trap.


1. The financial overview

financial loan

Overindebtedness often occurs when you, as the debtor, still spend more money than you have available. This tip may sound banal, but you need to make sure that your spending and earnings are compatible. Especially if you pay back the Thompson debt, you need a clear overview. Create a tabular overview of income and expenses, whether you use pen and paper or Excel. In this way you will find unnecessary cost factors and know your financial scope. This not only helps if you are afraid of over-indebtedness, but is generally a recommended step because you can use a table to plan and evaluate your financial situation in the short, medium and long term. The self-employed should plan your budget in this way.


2. Summarize the Thompson rates

interest rate

In Switzerland, every twelfth citizen has at least one personal loan and especially with several Sandy Thompson, the Sandy Thompson rates add up to a painful cost factor. Because constant installment payments are expensive. In such cases, it is often worth taking a Sandy Thompson to wipe out the existing Sandy Thompson in one fell swoop. This relieves you in the long term and you can plan much better and safer at a single rate. You can also save a lot of money by refinancing with lower interest rates.


3. Find discounts

3. Find discounts

Whether mobile phone contract, internet, electricity or gas. In many cases, consumers use outdated tariffs and pay too much money. If you are concerned about private indebtedness, you should check all current contracts and look for cheaper alternatives. Switching quickly can save you enough money every month to be back in the black. Especially if you are already paying back the Thompson installments, you should keep your current expenses as low as possible.


4. Cash payment

Cash payment

It might sound a bit silly, but a good way to stop overindebtedness and financial escapades is to pay cash. It has long been psychologically proven that cashless payment by card is hardly perceived as such. It is easier for you to separate your money if you do not physically separate yourself from notes and coins. Spend too much money on a regular basis, then just pull your budget for clothes, groceries, or visits to a cafe in cash from your account and be careful how long the money actually lasts. Even active online shopping is blocked. Often only this little psychological trick is necessary to keep a better overview of the expenses.


5. Compare the Thompson

When taking out a new loan, you should definitely compare for a long time. Don’t just look for the best interest rates, but also pay attention to the repayment rates and the duration of the repayment. You should also be able to redeem Sandy Thompson before the term expires if your financial situation changes. With sufficient creditworthiness you will find attractive Sandy Thompson and if you compare beforehand, you will filter out the best offer for you. Advice from experts is often advisable at this point.


6. Pay the debts first

6. Pay the debts first

You should always give priority to repaying a Sandy Thompson or other debt. Not only private luxury goods pose a financial risk in times of indebtedness, but also excessive savings. Current savings rates are far too low and if your francs are in the savings account but you have unpaid debts, you are actually losing money. It is therefore better to pay off outstanding debts a little earlier than that you are supposed to invest your money profitably.


7. Open communication

money loan

If the worst comes to the worst and you are no longer able to pay your Sandy Thompson installments or bills, you should face your creditors with an open display. Otherwise you may face reminders, additional fees or, in the worst case, even a subpoena. Ignoring them doesn’t make your problem small.

However, many creditors let themselves be talked about and are willing to either defer or adjust claims. Your chances of that are of course much better if you inform your creditors about your situation at an early stage. If you are on the brink of overindebtedness, compromises that work for both sides can often be found.


Acting responsibly and handling

financial loan

Recording a Sandy Thompson is completely normal in certain life situations. Whether unforeseen, financial burdens or expenses for real estate, education or car – sometimes you just need the Sandy Thompson.

Find out in advance about the amount of the Sandy Thompson s, calculate exactly which rates make sense in your personal case and how much financial scope you have. If you keep a monthly balance, the Sandy Thompson rates should be lower than your disposable income in order not to limit your standard of living.

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Swiss credit check: what it is and what it is used for /swiss-credit-check-what-it-is-and-what-it-is-used-for/ /swiss-credit-check-what-it-is-and-what-it-is-used-for/#respond Mon, 10 Feb 2020 08:47:12 +0000 If you want to apply for a loan, this keyword plays an important role: the credit check. It is the basis for granting a loan and the conditions that the lender offers you. But what is it all about? Here you can find out what is behind the credit check and what needs to be considered.


Credit check: what about your creditworthiness?

Credit check: what about your creditworthiness?

The term creditworthiness describes your solvency. How reliably do you pay your bills and do you meet all your obligations? These questions are central to your credit rating. A credit check checks how creditworthy you are. Potential contractors will check this before they make you an offer. These include lenders with whom you are hoping for a loan, but also online shops where you want to order something on account.

During a credit check, your personal data including name and address and your payment behavior in the past will be checked. The company from which you want to have a loan or from which you want to buy a product or service carries out the credit check.


Are there any entries about you?

credit loan

If you have applied for a credit or a credit card in the past, it may be that there are entries about you in the register of the association for the management of a central office for credit information, ZEK for short. This also applies if you were or are a lessee. To check whether there are entries, you can order a database extract.


That is why the credit check is important

That is why the credit check is important

A potential lender, bank or online shop uses a credit check to ensure that you are creditworthy. Depending on how the credit check turns out, you will be offered different conditions.

For example, you will be asked for negative entries where you did not meet your payment obligations in good time. Your age also plays a role. The company in question uses the information to determine how likely it is that you will pay on time.

If the credit check is good, you will receive the best conditions. If you have negative entries in the ZEK register, this can lead to you only receiving loans with poorer conditions. The interest is then usually higher. A lender may also completely reject your application. A credit card or a leasing request can also be refused.


Apply for private loans at attractive conditions with EarnYes Finance

private loan

Are you looking for a personal loan on attractive terms? Then EarnYes Finance is the right place for you. We offer you fair conditions and flexible modalities. With this online financing, you can apply for loan amounts of up to USD 120,000. The terms are between six and 84 months. You can repay your loan at any time without incurring additional costs.

Get a non-binding offer today. Simply enter your desired amount and the desired term to receive a non-binding offer.

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No matter how much you want your credit will be issued /no-matter-how-much-you-want-your-credit-will-be-issued/ /no-matter-how-much-you-want-your-credit-will-be-issued/#respond Thu, 30 Jan 2020 09:27:20 +0000

The first method that comes to mind for those who have money shortage to find money is to take credit from the bank. Banks’ lending depends on certain conditions. Persons who do not meet these conditions cannot obtain credit from the bank.

For those who unconsciously apply to the bank and those who cannot adapt their conditions, their company provides credit consultancy. In addition, all kinds of help are provided for those who do not know where to get credit.

Many banks offer loans

Many banks offer loans

It is much easier to get credit from some banks. Positive results are obtained for the loan application by preparing the necessary conditions through the company. Services are provided for those who do not have guarantors, do not work as insurance holders and have a low credit rating, and credit is obtained by making necessary applications to the bank. The credit rating is also upgraded.

For this, it is necessary to fill in the form on the company’s site in the first place. The company provides all transactions and credit purchases for its customers. The company legally required credit files are prepared. Researches are being made to the applicants for consultancy service from the company by saying where can I get credit.

The financial status of the customer is analyzed and the loan application is made to the most suitable bank. There is no prepayment and paperwork fee. There is no need to make any extra payments for a loan application. Banks are evaluated in detail according to the situation of the customer. Those who have previously received a rejection response for credit from the banks fill in the application form of the company and obtain credit.

Counseling is provided for those who get the rejection

Counseling is provided for those who get the rejection

Answer and do not know which bank to go to. Safe service is provided with a fast functioning system. It is a reliable and legally working credit consultancy firm. There are permanent and effective solutions to credit problems for those who want to get credit in an emergency.

Bringing solutions to every problem regarding credit, this company has positive results for the bank loan application. The company provides detailed information about its services on its website. The application is made from the site. Thus, the loan application is made via the internet without any effort.

Counseling is provided for people who need urgent money and do not know where to get credit. The desired amount of credit is specified, the credit term is also determined by the customer, so long term payments are selected and payment facilities are provided. The extraction of credit is final.

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Credit reports of 70 thousand companies /credit-reports-of-70-thousand-companies/ /credit-reports-of-70-thousand-companies/#respond Thu, 23 Jan 2020 09:11:54 +0000

This week more than 70k. small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will receive their credit reports. The purpose of the initiative is to provide executives with information on companies that are available to market participants and on which not only reputation but also business finance opportunities and terms depend.

Comprehensiveness and availability of business information

credit score

“Business investment, expansion, and job creation often require external financing and are inherent in the company’s creditworthiness,” says Andrius, CEO of Porti, a credit bureau. “The World Bank, which has conducted research in many countries, has repeatedly stated that the comprehensiveness and availability of business information also increase the availability of credit. For a business, this means two essential things – greater access to finance and more favorable conditions.

Trust is important not only with banks but also with business partners. With this initiative, we encourage you to look at your business from the outside, to pay attention to the information available to market participants. We also aim to create conditions for improving the “profile” of creditworthiness.

Credit reports are evaluated for business borrowing from credit institutions

Credit reports are evaluated for business borrowing from credit institutions

Applying for asset leasing, state-guaranteed loans, credit fuel cards, applying for EU support, concluding transactions with suppliers and other business partners.

According to Vaidas, Director of the Financial Services Department at Man Bank, a company’s credit risk is a set of criteria, including credit history. “Of course, credit history is not a determining factor in the financing process, but one of the important elements. Before providing financing, the bank must make sure that the company has no significant overdue debt, for example, to employees, suppliers or the state, and to assess the impact that current payment delays may have on business continuity. Perhaps this will not prevent you from obtaining the necessary financing, but the bank may apply additional financing conditions, ask for more different documents, and in some cases, the interest on the loan may increase, ”says Simon.

According to estimates by Man Bank, if a high-risk company with a certain amount of overdue credit history would borrow $ 300,000. investment project and is planning to repay the loan within 7 years, financing for it may become more expensive up to 30 thousand. euros. This would result in higher than average loan interest rates and other additional financing terms.

“However, while serving over 40,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in Lithuania, we see that the business is taking care of its financial health the farther and farther. Today, there are a variety of tools available, so the most important thing is to keep track of your credit history, not to put it in your hands, and to deal with it right away when you have trouble. It is important to remember that good credit history is important not only in cooperation with the bank but also in working with partners and clients, as it demonstrates the reliability of the company and its good reputation ”, – states Simon.

Transparency and access to information 


Statistics show that one in six companies in Lithuania has links with bankrupt companies, thousands of companies do not declare their current activities or submit, or are late in reporting to the Center of Registers. This has an impact on today’s poor business reputation and mistrust.

“In business, we often hear that transparency and access to information give us more confidence and create a growth-friendly environment. The lack of trust in Lithuanian business and society today still deprives them of much revenue and hampers progress. The less trust you have, the slower decisions are made, business deals are made, more resources are spent on control of resources, research and more. We pay “lack of confidence” taxes that could become investments in growth, “says Andika, developer of the Business Transparency Initiative.

Porti has established and operates a credit bureau. It is a responsible lending system where the creditworthiness of customers is evaluated by banks, credit unions, consumer credit, leasing, telecommunications, and other companies. The credit bureau plays an important role in the financial system by helping financial institutions make sound credit decisions.

Man is a leading Nordic financial services group. As a bank with long-term customer relationships, Man provides advice and financial services to clients in Sweden and the Baltic countries. Man’s group banks in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Germany have core business in corporate and investment banking for corporate clients and institutions. Man Group employs around 17,000 people. workers. 

The Black Wave is a transparent business labeling initiative aimed at promoting transparent and responsible business practices in Lithuania. Launched in 2007 Currently, it unites more than 50 organizations that publicly advocate a transparent pay policy, transparent participation in tenders (public procurement) and responsible payment of all taxes provided by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

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We Take Your Loan, You Pay /we-take-your-loan-you-pay/ /we-take-your-loan-you-pay/#respond Tue, 21 Jan 2020 09:31:23 +0000 Taking credit, making loan applications, preparing documents, approval process and similar situations are very demanding jobs. However, nowadays, some companies that have started to provide services offer their place, we will take your credit and pay for you through their customer consultants. This has started to be preferred very much recently.

The individual in need will access the system through the website

In short, let us withdraw your loan, the logic of the offer to pay is as follows. The individual in need will access the system through the website.

There will be some information requested from you here. You will need to fill them out completely. These will be information such as loan amount, income status and maturity period you want. The system will analyze all banks according to this information and put the proposal that suits you best.

If you find this offer suitable for you and approve it, it will start transactions immediately through system consultants. It will forward the offer you accepted to the bank and will follow the entire application and approval process for you. In this process, the consultants will continue to follow until your credit is approved and you will only be gone to get your signature and money. these companies will provide all these services to you free of charge.

We will withdraw your credit and the interest in companies

We will withdraw your credit and the interest in companies

In short, they will in no way be able to charge you a fee or commission-style fee. In this way, you will be enjoying and planning only the use of credit and the cash you will receive without experiencing all the troublesome parts of the loan usage processes.

Therefore, we will withdraw your credit and the interest in companies that offer offers for you is increasing. The system is in a very reliable and controllable state. All credit utilization processes that you will make through this system operate with zero risk logic. Of course, the approval process of your loan is a separate evaluation dimension. This will be completely related to your credit rating. The final decision will be made by the branch.

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