How to watch movies online for free?

Movies are the most exotic form of entertainment. When you are watching a movie you know that all that is not real but for 2-3 hours you believe everything that happens in a movie. You forget your life, problems, stress and just get lost in the movie. You laugh at the comedy scenes, fall in love at the romantic scenes, feel frightened at the horror scenes and are completely in that world.

The movies can not only entertain us but also teach us and inspire us. But in today’s hectic lives no one has the time to go to cinema houses for every movie. Some movies are bound to be missed. So what do we do? We watch those movies online whenever we want wherever we want. Now how to watch movies online? To watch movies online follow the steps –


  1. You should have internet connection on your device be it mobile phone or laptop.
  2. Download movie streaming apps like ShowBox or MovieBox
  3. Get popcorn and watch your favorite movie.

ShowBox Movie App

ShowBox app is a movie streaming app. Through this app you can access to many latest movies and TV episodes. This app also allows you to download those movies. The app is very user friendly so anyone can use it. The app is for free and so are its services. You do not have to buy anything or to subscribe. Just simply download the app and use it. You can watch movies online from anywhere you want. All you need is internet connection. All that you are going to be charged is your internet balance.

MovieBox App

MovieBox app is also a free movie watching app. This app gets to you the latest movies and TV episodes for free. The app brings to you the movies and TV episodes in HD quality. You do not need to subscribe anywhere for accessing the movies. All you need to do is downloading and install the app from the download link on its official site, then turn on your internet connection and the app will take you to the land of unlimited movies and TV episodes.


Crackle is another very popular app amongst movie lovers. It allows you to stream and watch quality movies online for free and without any complications. It also allows you to watch TV episodes. This app also supports TV streaming so that you can watch your movie on a bigger screen.


Hubi is a very popular android app. This app allows you to stream movies, TV episodes and much more. Also this app has the added feature of allowing users to download any video from the web and no charge for downloading.  They currently have 39 hosters to give choices in streaming links for the movie you desire.

Final Say

All these apps allow you to watch movies for free. You can watch any movie you want. Also these app allow you to download movies. So here the apps that will not let any movie escape from you. So download the apps and let the movies begin.